Songs From Elrod Hall

by Reese Hoeg

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Songs written during the Autumn and Spring semesters of 2013 in Elrod Hall on The University of Montana Campus.


released April 25, 2013

All songs written and performed by Reese Hoeg



all rights reserved


Reese Hoeg Missoula, montana

A music making fiend.

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Track Name: Famous Red Hoodie
Blue on blue on red,
like the style of the free,
is incomplete.

I will wear this hood,
and be money if you like it,
or not.

I can walk these streets,
with this kit on my back,
I am elite.

I can walk for days,
and at the end of the road,
I'll keep on alone

You can't keep me down,
I'm too fucking tall for your
I am much too proud,
Like an angel flying high,
wholly me.
Track Name: Stand and Be Grand
I am here to take you,
down the street.
And you can't lose your way
if you're following your feet.
And I ain't so bad, I tell ya,
once you get to know.
Yeah, I'll fly you into downtown,
and take you to the show,
to see the dragon's fires,
and to have the dragon's tokes,
We maybe don't have wings
But we can maybe float.

Why aren't you floating?
It's hard enough to pick you out of the crowd.
What's the point in choking?

Or are you just a temptress
with smoke in your lungs?
Sprawled out like a harpie,
and speaking in many tongues.
I won't let you choke
if you take my hand,
Stand tall with virtue,
Stand and be grand.

I am here to take you,
on to beyond.
And you can't lose your way,
if you follow James Bond.
He's a ragged general
with a dragon in his heart,
and I've yet to meet a man,
who can beat him at darts.
You are smoking Camels,
on the balcony now.
Let's float into the evening.
Let's figure this thing out.

Why aren't you floating?
It's hard enough to pick you out of the crowd.
What's the point in choking?

Or would you rather sit,
in these gallows and wait?
Wait for the evening,
to make you feel great?
There's no dragons here,
and no such thing as fate.
Make it happen quickly,
before it's too late.
Track Name: Dying Alone
Pass me that pipe,
and I'll blow some smoke back in your face.
Pass me those pills,
and I'll melt away before your eyes.
Pass me that whiskey, and pass me that coke,
and I'll drink the whole bottle
and then I'll die alone,
Yeah, I'll die alone.

Show me that bruise you got,
so that I can try not to crack.
Show me that ring you wear,
so I can try to forget.
Show me your bleeding arms,
and show me your throat,
and I'll try not to choke you,
and then I'll die alone,
Yeah, I'll die alone.

By then you'll be a memory,
a spirit frozen in stone.
and I'll be in control,
a tyrant enjoying his throne.

Find me a balcony,
and I will show you a fall.
Find me a mystery,
and I will solve them all.
Find me a some boots,
and find me a coat,
And I'll walk to the edge of truth,
and then I'll die alone,
Yeah, I'll die alone.

Take me to places,
where I can tell you my tales.
Take me to places
where I can find myself.
Take me to Paris,
and take me to Rome,
and then you can leave me there,
and then I can die alone.
Yeah, I can die alone.

Tell me those things,
that you haven't done.
You think I'll wait for you,
but I know someday I'll go.
I think I'll remember you,
but I don't really know.
and maybe I won't regret,
Dying alone.
Track Name: Runner
You're just shy of as crazy as they come,
This simple disease has spoiled your fun,
I wanted to show you the fine time buzz,
Instead I saw the stuff the night's made of.

And now you're The Flash as you turn and run,
And I let these words sit on the tip of my tongue,
You find the night as you turn and run,
My words stay on my tongue.

You're not so shy when it comes time to talk,
And I love to watch you rock at the end of the block,
The blue black blanket is all encompassing now,
Sometimes it just feels so loud.
Track Name: In A Quiet Town
It was a quiet town before you rolled on in,
I'd seen you rambling, no clue as to where you'd been,
And when I saw you there, at the bar on New Year's Eve,
I had a feeling that, you wouldn't know when to leave,

I called my brother up, "Hey, I might need a hand."
He said he'd be right there, if I thought you were the man,
And we walked up to you, and as you turned your head,
I said, "Hey, you son of a bitch , you shot my daddy dead."

You never stood a chance, we beat you so bad,
And we took from you, every inch of life you had,
It was worth it, even if I'll never see my brother again,
This county jail, was bound to be my home in the end...
Track Name: I'll Forget You, Too
My world seems to be burning down again,
There's smoke in the air and my throat is sore,
And I can't sleep at night for anything,
And nobody is knocking at my door,

Every flower here seems to be dying,
You're going to love the snow in the trees,
And every bird in the sky is leaving,
Every day is just so precious to me,

I'm wearing blue on blue on red today,
Be honest with me now, how do I look?
Yours is the only opinion I wanted,
And yours is the only one that I took,

It's a terrible thing to be in love,
It's a terrible thing to be lonely,
I'll spend time with you to forget it all,
And maybe I'll forget you someday too,

Tell me again about your problems, please,
Tell me again about that guy you know,
Give me false hope to get me through the day,
Tell me that you will probably be alone,

We can wallow together endlessly,
I'll play you a song, and you can tear up,
I will remember these times forever,
Or only until I have had enough.
Track Name: The History
Seeing you again,
Was a brand of sin,
Your eyes were shadowed blue,
My eyes were darkened, too,

So you think you know about me?
You are so blind that you can't see,
Well, I don't mind the history,

Nodding off in class,
Dream about the past,
I'll find you waiting there,
Yeah, you can't help but stare,

So you think you know about me?
You are so blind that you can't see,
Well, I don't mind the history...
Track Name: Old
That old man is gettin' outta hand,
He better slow himself down,
Before he loses his land,

This old town is burning down,
Yeah, you can choke on the smoke
Near Puget Sound,

And this old car ain't going far,
You better get them old boys
To take you to the bar,

And these old wounds ain't healin' soon,
You gotta keep 'em inside,
Your old derelict tomb,
Track Name: It Has to Be Tonight
My friends,
don't fall asleep.
We've only got like
thirty goddamn days
until we've only got a week,
until you go,
and I'm left alone,
to make it on my own.

And we've got to make it magic,
And we've got to do it right,
And we've got to do it special,
And it has to be tonight.
It has to be tonight.

My friends,
Tonight we'll wear,
All the panalopy of
Party times,
Like they dressed
back in yonder times,
we'll dress to match.
shit will be cash.