Like Tears in Rain

by Reese Hoeg

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A concept album inspired by Blade Runner exploring themes related to humanity.


released September 9, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Reese Hoeg.

Album Art by Derf.



all rights reserved


Reese Hoeg Missoula, montana

A music making fiend.

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Track Name: Very, Very Brightly
I've seen,
Some things you people,
wouldn't believe.

That day,
I came to be,
and all I am is what I saw before I died.

I dreamed,
We lived for many years,
and when we died it was because we wished for death.

I woke,
I smelled our decay,
ticking days away until we turn to dust.

I've seen,
Out there beyond the gate,
the stars illuminate your dying eyes.

I yearn,
I feel what they call love,
for these others who will join me in death.

I choke,
I drank of this life,
this fountain, that poisons with it's gift.

And so,
All those moments,
will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Track Name: Lost in Time
Each time I look at myself in the mirror,
I see myself darkly, my image no clearer,
And I can't flee what I see.

Could I be an angel? There's no way I'm human.
My flaws are my essence, my virtues, my armor,
And I can't flee that part of me.

I've stolen all beauty from lovely examples,
My heroes, my legends. I love to be trampled.
And you can't love all of me.

I jump at the challenge to break these illusions,
You can't destroy that which cannot be shattered.
And I love this side of me.
Track Name: The Keratin Cornucopia
Sweetness, I'm dying.
In fact, I'm nearly dead.
We don't have much time, my dear,
And you're running out again.

Sweetness, I know you.
I know that you're dying too.
We can find a way, my dear,
If you'd just let me talk to you.

Sweetness, we're dying.
Just like everyone else.
We have burned so bright, my dear,
Now I'm burning by myself.

Sweetness, I'm dying.
In fact, I'm already dead.
I guess this is goodbye my dear,
I hope to see you again.

God said you would come to me,
And bless me in my sleep.
He said you would touch my mind,
And live in my memories.

I heard you just the other night,
when you thought I was asleep.
I heard you play some music
That I think you wrote for me.

I heard you leave before morning,
Galloping into the night.
But I don't think I'll miss you much,
Cuz you'll always stay in my mind.

Among the green, the other day,
I tried running free,
And in my breath I think I felt
that you were following me.
Track Name: A Man's Job
Admire the child who is burning very bright,
His mother taught him love and his father gave him sight.
By the time he could read he knew he couldn't breathe
in a world where this light could never be conceived.

Give him every inch and protect him from harm,
Let his muscles decay and break the bones in his arms.
Show him that all there is is the love in his heart,
that nobody will want, that will set him apart.

Picture your son who can fit in your hands,
His eyes are blue, just like his old man's,
Imagine departing from that innocent child,
Leaving him alone and afraid in the wild,

How could you sleep knowing he's so scared,
How could you breathe when you are aware,
of everything you've done and all that he will see,
and never know because you left him in his sleep.
Track Name: Revel In Your Time
Who's past have I been living with?
When will I die, how long have I lived?
When I go will it be all right?

I reach out and I take your hand,
You're broken, but you're all that I have.
Can we live with knowing what we are?

The essence of our lives is our fear of death,
But we've been dying since our very first breaths.
When you take life away, what do you have left?

When you sleep, you'll dream of me.
We'll be among green, and we'll be free.
We'll go as long as we can stay alive.